Discrete Power Codes

Several devices have discrete power codes. A discrete ON code will always turn the unit on, if the unit is already on, it will leave it on. A discret OFF code will always turn the unit off, if it's already off it will leave it off. These are especially useful when programming macros.

Several manufacturers use the same discrete codes for all of their devices, such as Sony. Some manufacturers don't always include discrete codes, but when they do they usually use the same codes. In both of these cases, I have listed these manufacturers under the Generic Discrete Codes heading. The next section lists discrete codes and the One For All/Radio Shack device code that they are associated with. Please remember, that even though there may be discrete codes listed for a device code that you use, does not guarantee that your particular unit will recognize them.

Generic Discrete Codes

GE 227219
JVC 248247
Mitsubishi 167039
Panasonic 022026
Pioneer #1 208204
Pioneer #2 247251
Proscan 227219
RCA 227219
Sony 113109

Device Specific Discrete Codes

Denon RCVR 0160 246 248
NAD RCVR 0320 216 045
NEC LD 0059 247 251
Pioneer DVD 0175 168 164
Yamaha RCVR 0176 248 246
Zenith VCR 0039 125 221

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