D.Huras Home Automation Software
Georgetown, Ontario, CANADA

This site describes Home Automation Software authored by David Huras for X-10 Computer Interfaces, Universal Electronics ONE FOR ALL Remote Controls and the RADIO SHACK 15-1919 Remote Control. Current shareware versions of the software can be downloaded from the program specific pages that are linked to this page (see below).

X-10 Software

X10ST[X10ST - X-10 System Tray]Version 1.20

X-10 System Tray (X10ST) is a 32 bit Windows 95 application that communicates with X-10 Computer Interfaces, specifically the CP290 (the original X-10 computer interface), CM10A (IBM Home Director), CM11A (X-10 ActiveHome), & CP10A (PowerBar version of the X-10 CM11A).

X10WC - X-10 Windows Control[X10WC - X-10 Windows Control]

"...I found a new program, X10WC (X-10 Windows Control) that I actually like better..."
Bill Machrone
PC Magazine, January 9, 1996

X10EC - X-10 Event Control[X10EC - X-10 Event Control (DOS)]

X10DC - X-10 Direct Control[X10DC - X-10 Direct Control (DOS)]

Read Dave's Home Toys review of his X10 software.

One For All Software

IRDCw - INFRA-RED Direct Control for Windows[IRDCw - INFRA-RED Direct Control for Windows]

IRDC - INFRA-RED Direct Control (DOS)[IRDC - INFRA-RED Direct Control (DOS)]

ONE FOR ALL, ONE FOR ALL 5, ONE FOR ALL 6, ONE FOR ALL 8, ONE FOR ALL 12 and The "Universal" Remote are trademarks of Universal Electronics Inc.

Read Dave's Home Toys review of his OFA software.

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